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Social Ecological Institute

Social Ecological Institute (SIE)

address: ul. Raszyńska 32/44, lok 140
02-026 Warszawa, Poland
phone +48 22 668 97 92
fax: + 48 22 668 97 92
registration number KRS: 0000083415

SIE has the “public utility status” (OPP) according to the polish law.

International cooperation:

Please contact :
Our staff speaks english, french, german and russian. We have lead or participated in many international or binational projects, with organisations from Norway, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine, Hungary, Danemark.

General profile:

The Social Ecological Institute is a not for profit organization, registered in 1990, which leads and supports ecological initiatives in Poland. We provide professional help to a diverse range of ecological programs and activities, and strive to strengthen the development of the civil society in Poland. One of our main goals is the sustainable development of the polish countryside, and the conservation and dissemination of agricultural biodiversity.

We are members of:
- the polish network of environmental organizations Polska Zielona Sieć - ››
- the Climatic Coalition ngo’s network - ››
- the international network WECF (Women in Europe for Common Future)
- The International Ecotourism Society (

We cooperate with:
- the media: television (programs TVP 1, WOT, Polsat); Radio, PAI, newspapers and local papers
- local governments and communities
- farmers and agrotourism owners
- local action groups
- local cultural associations
- polish and foreign environmental ngos
- scientific institutes (Intitute of Zootechnics, Warsaw Botanic Institute, Skierniewice Institute of acclimatization and plants breeding and others)

The beneficients of our projects are mainly : inhabitants of rural areas, small farmers, rural women, organic farmers, schools and agriculture schools, youth, local ngos and cultural associations from rural areas. We have also supported ngos from in Ukraine (MAMA86), Belarus (Doctor’s for the environment) and Georgia (SEMA). We also organize and contribute in events like organic fairs, press conferences, environmental education in Warsaw city.

We participate in the work of Parliamentary commissions, particularly on organic farming and GMOs.

Our association is mainly financed by grants (from EU funds, Norway Grants, NFOSiGW, GEF, and others), we do not lead commercial activities and do not receive support from the government.

Statute :

SIE’s statute - PDF for download ››


During last 5 years, our work included:

1 - Projects related to agricultural biodiversity:

The Social Ecological Institute has lead several projects related to biodiversity conservation in rural areas in central Poland. As a result, the organisation has established many contacts with local self-governements, rural womans’ and farmers. Many workshops about biodiversity, organic farming and sustainable developement were organised in the country side. We have also initiated a network of ngos and people interested in conserving agricultural biodiversity, closely with the association “Old Breeds and Varieties” - ›› and the agrinatura foundation - ››

2 - Projects focused on international exchange and cooperation:

Included beyond others:

3 - Projects for building civil society and sustainable development

4 - Campaigns

All projects included many education and information publications, brochures and two documentary and DVD films (about agricultural biodiversity and about monastery gardens).